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Meet Elias 

  Salesforce disruptor, Business Strategy Consultant, father and motivational speaker

   Initially the hunger and drive was born from fear of failure but quickly evolved & adapted to become  financial  success and now meaningful purpose.

  My greatest corporate success came from prioritizing psychological training for my Sales and Financial advisors over sales and product training. My team was taught to focus on who they were supposed to be not on what they were supposed to do which took our company to a 300% turn around. We went from losing around $900K every year to making around $2.4 Million a year in just 3 Years. More importantly the staff went from struggling young men in debt to entering the 1% annual income. 

  This strategy is what me and my team provide Businesses and Entreprenuers to help force into existence the ultimate version of their future that they call "Masterpiece".

You are your greatest Masterpiece

Elias David

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